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Thanks for visiting our website!  

    I am here because of all the ladies who have gently influenced me...

    My mother always said that she didn't know where I got my interest in baking-- "Not from me!" she'd say. She was my biggest fan, however!

   My Grandmother was an influence though, sadly I only have one of her recipes (and it never turns out as good as hers!) I did take possession of her rolling pin and a few old cupcake tins that were hers and I still use!

   My neighbor, Mrs. Fekete, gave me a Betty Crocker Cookbook to look for ideas to help me pick a project for a creativity fair at school--I made an igloo cake and won a ribbon!

   Then in my 20's I picked up a book "Creative Cakes" (written by Stephanie Crookston) and thought I'd try a few. I've been baking/decorating at varying levels of intensity ever since. 

Currently, the ladies influencing me are... 

   1) My daughter/business partner Kerianne-- who after graduating from college renewed my "follow your dream" outlook and joins me now in the business- SallyTracyCake. Now I don't know how I did it without her! It's great having a partnership and sharing this venture with her.

   and 2) Loryn Dagon and Colyn Camp- the sisters behind "Chef Loryn"-- they have literally given me an outlet to further my business and all the dreams that go with it by mentoring me in the practical side of the food "biz"-- I prefer the creative side but you must have both to be successful! Can't thank them enough!

     A huge thank you to all my loyal customers, friends and family who have followed me on this journey. I know the best is yet to come!  

Sally T.

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