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Sugar Cookies 

$35-$45 per dozen

As Favors~ $4-$6 each

Moist Sugar Cookie covered in a sweet shiny glaze. Over 300 cookie cutter designs available!

Themes include: baby, wedding, graduation, animals, flowers & bugs, beach, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas ETC.

Mini Sweets

Minimum 1 dozen per variety

Cupcake Hash~ $12 per dozen

The name says it all- variety of cake, filling, icing, mix –ins

Mini Cupcakes~ $20 per dozen

Vanilla or chocolate cake topped w/ buttercream decorated w/ holiday or theme design

Brownie Bites~ $20 per dozen

Bite sized chewy brownie nuggets topped w/ chocolate fudge or coconut

Mini Carrot Cakes~ $20 per dozen

Tiny carrot cakes iced w/ a decorative swirl of cream cheese frosting

Peanut Butter Cookie Cups~ $18 per dozen

Reese’s peanut butter cup in a sugar cookie crust

Cheesecake Tarts~ $20 per dozen

Creamy bites topped w/ fruit or drizzled w/ chocolate

Pecan Tarts~ $20 per dozen

Tiny pecan pies in a cream cheese crust

Mini Lemon Pies~ $20 per dozen

Lemon filled pies topped w/ vanilla cream cheese custard in a soft and flaky crust

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